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Our Sketty, Swansea classes are based in the Community Hall in Hazel Court, Sketty SA2 8BP

We now book new beginners into 2 initial trial lessons. These are booked on our online booking system.

We do these to help familiarise children with the new environment, and to prepare them and build their confidence to join in the regular class.

They will learn some basic moves and the general format of our classes whilst having fun. At the end, they receive their very first karate belt and certificate, and are ready to join if they wish.

In the past we found even the most confident of children would become anxious and refuse to join into the class on their first lesson. They became overwhelmed by the new people and surroundings, and not knowing what to do.

This led them missing out on experiencing the fun of the classes and the fantastic benefits of martial arts in their lives!

Trial lessons are also a great opportunity for parents to see first-hand, the incredible potential benefits martial arts can have on children’s development.

You will see our quality, professionalism and commitment to the long-term development of children.

This is NOT just another kids’ activity to us, this is about teaching as many valuable life skills as possible, and to develop positive, balanced and responsible character traits, giving children every possible chance of success in their future.


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